Learn Android Database Tutorials With Example In Android Studio: Storage In Android App

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When a beginner tries to develop Android App he/she becomes confuse what to use for storing data and most importantly how to store it. Here in this Android Database category we will provide complete solution for that by sharing tutorial on different options available to store different types data in Android App. Our each tutorial will contain at least 1 example and free code to download which you can easily import in Android Studio.

This will be an advance category for Android Developer where we share tutorial on Android Database such as SQlite, internal storage, external storage, firebase, cloud and lots more.

Prerequisite For Android Database Tutorial:

Before you begin Android programming below are the prerequisite needed:


Android programming is mostly done in JAVA language. So before you begin Android programming you must be comfortable with JAVA and OOPS concepts. If you are new to Android we recommend you to check out our JAVA for Android section where we have shared in-depth tutorial on JAVA.


Once you are done with JAVA the next thing you need is basic knowledge of XML for designing UI of Android App. Even though Android Studio has drag and drop for designing UI but still you will need to learn XML if you want your UI is highly user interactive. You can check out Design Android UI section to learn it.

Android Studio And SDK:

Lastly you will need Android Studio and SDK for creating Android Apps. They both are available for free download.

Android Database Tutorial:

Click on the link to read full tutorial on Database:

  1. Internal Storage –在本教程中,我们将以Android应用程序为例学习数据/文件的内部存储,也可以说是手机的主存储器。
  2. 外部存储器 –在本教程中,我们将研究android外部存储器中的数据/文件存储,或者您可以说是手机的辅助存储器/SD卡。
  3. 共享首选项 –Android中的共享首选项用于基于键值对保存数据。如果我们深入理解这个词:共享意味着在其中分发数据,首选项意味着重要或更可取的东西,那么共享引用数据就是共享和首选数据。
  4. Android中的SQLite –SQLite是一个结构查询基础数据库,开源,重量轻,无网络访问,独立数据库。Android内置了SQLite数据库实现。



下载此 免费的 电子书!

这本免费电子书将帮助您在Android Studio中掌握Android应用程序开发的学习!


下载此 免费的 电子书!

这本免费电子书将帮助您在Android Studio中掌握Android应用程序开发的学习!